I am a Doctor of Dental Medicine who always had a passion for the field of training, nutrition, and overall health. I started off following my passion by challenging myself into drastically transforming my own body, with time that passion grew to include my friends into ultimate body transformations. My qualifications allowed me to transform the bodies of over 250 clients, for more than 5 years, with different goals including fat loss, bulking, and full-body re-composition, with the focus of keeping each client in their optimum state of health throughout their journey. 

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  • Certified personal trainer level 3 

  • Diploma precision nutrition level 1 

  • Exercise and stress management 

  • Weightlifting coach level 1 

  • Snatch specialist 

  • Clean and jerk specialist ​

  • Push and pull specialist  ​​

  • Specializing in GUT and digestive health 

  • Expertise in Supplements

  • Posture correction expert 

  • Full blood test analysis  

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