I understand how hard is it to stick to your nutrition and health goals especially nowadays I’m so passionate about nutrition education at the moment as u may speak with me you will learn something that will add up to your nutrition understanding, I believe you don’t need a piece of paper to just follow what’s written there, you need to be your own nutritionist and I will let you learn how to be that, the key is to have a healthy relationship with food is the stepping stone to creating long-lasting habits. 


Alaa is Licensed Dietitian by the Dubai Health Authority graduated with a bachelor’s degree in clinical nutrition and dietetics, and has experience with a wide variety of medical conditions, including heart disease, PCOS, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, gastrointestinal disorders, pregnancy, and lactation pre and post-bariatric surgery’s and weight management, weight loss and weight gain, and feels happy to spread the healthy lifestyle routine in each community and to every person she meets.

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